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Stress and Acne

Skin_Deep_Stress_AcneA little bit of stress is helpful. It’s the instinct that gave our ancestors the boost they needed to survive. Nowadays, we’re not so much concerned with foraging for food and shelter. Stress however, still tends to creep its way into our lives through other avenues. Sometimes you might find it hard to balance different aspects of your life. Between school, work, relationships, friendships and family, it can be difficult to find just a moment to unwind.

Although it’s widely known that too much stress can take its toll on your mental health, it can also affect the clarity of your skin. So how can something seemingly internal cause breakouts in acne? It all comes down adrenaline.

When you’re having difficulty finding balance in life, it almost seems like you’re always in “alert mode.” This is actually a symptom of chronic stress. The alertness you’re feeling is a result of a boost of adrenaline that your body is making. Adrenaline also causes an abundance of sebum to be produced. Sebum is the natural oil that your skin produces. When there’s too much of this oil is being created, it creates the ideal conditions for an acne outbreak.

So how can we defeat chronic stress? Here’s a few tips:

Manage Obligations – Take a moment to your assess priorities, delegate time to commitments, and stick to this time range. Setting some time aside to relax is just as important as the time you spend working or on other prioritized commitments. This will help you “stay in the moment.” Worrying about your social life at work and worrying about your career while you’re hanging out with friends can cause you to feel overwhelmed.

Get enough sleep – A lack of sleep can cause a vicious cycle. You can’t sleep because you’re too anxious and you’re too anxious because you didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Make an effort to have a consistent sleep schedule. Before going to bed, ditch the smartphone and instead read a book, meditate, or take a bath.

Move around a bit Exercise can help relieve stress and boost reward centers in the brain. The “runner’s high” is no myth. Even minor things like taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or just a walk outside can relieve stress.

Getting Back on Track

There’s a great amount of satisfaction that comes with getting out of a period of chronic stress. On the inside you may feel like your old self again, but when you look in the mirror, you may still see its lasting effects.

Contact us at Skin Deep today for a complimentary consultation. We offer a variety of services  that can repair the damage and products for your new skincare routine. Let us help you get back on track.