Skin Deep | Getting into a Skincare Routine
It All Begins With Health Skin.
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Getting into a Skincare Routine

As we enter February, have you still been sticking to your New Year’s resolution? If not, don’t sweat it too much. The truth is that only about 8% of us end up following through on our resolutions. Still, it’s not too late to start a good habit with 2018 still being fresh.

So why not get into a skin routine? Skincare itself requires a holistic approach. How you take care of your skin in between sessions can help fully optimize the results you want. If you’re not where to start, then here’s a list below to help get you on the path of clear, healthy, and youthful skin.

Recognize Your Needs

The biggest question to ask yourself is what do you want to get out of your new routine? Do you want to touch up the effects of aging? Has acne been haunting you since adolescence? Or maybe you’re feeling reluctant about all those times that you spent in the sun without a single drop of protection.

Do as the Ancient Greeks put it and, “Know thyself.”

Get Familiar with the Basics

Although there are a variety of different routines and products for specific needs, there are a few essentials that you should stick to regardless.

Cleansing – And we don’t mean using a damp towel with a bar of soap. Everyday, our faces are bombarded with a variety of debris and even bacteria. Cleansing properly, with the right products, can effectively rid your face of these contaminants while preserving the natural oils that make your skin soft and glow.

Moisturizing – This isn’t just about looks. As we mentioned before, your skin is your first-most layer of protection. When it gets dried out it becomes stiff and crackly. This can cause it to be brittle, split, and open up.

Your skin works at its best when it’s nimble and flexible. Plus, moisturizing adds a bit of protection to your skin. Also, always remember to apply moisturizer in an upwards stroke for the best results.

Protection – About that. Living in what’s known as the Sunshine City in the Sunshine State, you’re going to want make friends with that bottle of sunblock. No exceptions. Sun damage cannot only undo your routine’s efforts, but it can lead to many health hazards down the road.

Consulting a Skincare Specialist

The best way to hit the ground running is always…to get an expert. At Skin Deep we won’t just give you a head start with our many skin treatments to choose from, but we’ll also be able to help assess your needs and get you started on the routine that’s right with you. We only recommend the highest quality of Dermologica products as we are a 14 consecutive winner of the Dermologica Platinum Circle of Skin Care Excellence.

Contact us today, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make 2018 the best year for your skin.