Skin Deep | Let’s Get in the Holiday Spirit with Skin Deep!
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Let’s Get in the Holiday Spirit with Skin Deep!

Like every year, 2016 has flown by. These last twelve months have delivered ups, downs, sidewayses and Triple Salchows, but everything seems to be a little better during the holidays. This time of year allows us to take a timeout on the serious stuff, hold our loved ones close, and remember why we’re all really here: the gifts.

Just kidding, it’s love and gratitude.

But there are also gifts.

And since there are gifts, why not take a peek at the holiday loot Skin Deep Spatique has to offer? These hand-selected goodies are quirky, cozy and straight from the heart.


Office parties, Friendsmases, your parents’ house, your in-laws’ house, your kid’s school … there are holiday celebrations as far as the eye can see. And each get-together has its own decorative touches. Check out these one-of-a-kind seasonal selections to add that special something to any soiree.

From wine totes to decorative signage to fluffy stockings, holiday hosts (and guests) can deliver the goods in style with some help from Skin Deep Spatique.


Food. Sometimes it’s the only thing that can inspire your partner to leave the house and hang out with your weird uncle for a few hours. Hey, whatever gets the job done, right? Whether you’re an attendee or a host, the gift of dining decorations can help keep guests entertained at the table.

A cheeky cocktail napkin or inspirational platter can provide fodder for discussion among even the most opposite of relatives.


If food is the bait that lures your family and friends into the same space, drinks are the hook that keeps ‘em on the line. A nice bottle glass of wine can help to ease awkward tension, open people up to one another, and keep guests having a good time. There’s a reason “… and be merry” comes after “eat” and “drink” in that old saying. And we’ve got the perfect glasses to keep you merry.


Rudolph always gets the attention, but what about Santa’s other antlered helpers? Toast to your inner underdog — er, underdeer — with a reindeer wine glass that would make Ol’ St. Nick proud. On the bottom of each glass is a witty poem about its respective reindeer. It’s a wine glass and a conversational piece all in one!


Sometimes you decorate for a celebration and sometimes decorating is the celebration. Either way, we have you covered with our collection of unique tree ornaments. Whether you reside on the Suncoast or are gifting a piece of the St. Pete life to an inlander, you can show off your Florida pride with a coastal ornament.


Let the nostalgia flow with some traditional Christmas ornaments. Our seasonal wooden ornaments will add a classic vibe to your tannenbaum.


Ew. No one likes this part. But we’re here to make it a little more bearable with our series of kitschy kitchen towels.

Add a little humor to one of the least favorable parts of the holiday celebration. Or better yet, give the gift of making it more tolerable for others.


All silliness aside, the holidays are about family, friends, community, love, hope, faith and gratitude. And we have greeting cards to express any sentiment.

Pick up one or a few and let your loved ones know what they really mean to you this holiday season.

And maybe write one to Santa asking for a calmer, more serene 2017.

Come see us and check out all of our decorations, gifts, stocking stuffers and skin treatments!

Skin Deep Spatique wishes you and yours the Happiest of Holidays!