Skin Deep | 3 Things to Consider When Traveling
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3 Things to Consider When Traveling

Skin_Deep_St_Pete_Skincare_TravelIt’s the most wonderful time of the year and the busiest for traveling. You might be taking a few days off from work to visit family, but acne, sun damage, and aging never skip a beat. So no matter which corner of the country you go, it’s best to be prepared. Still, there are many factors when traveling with skincare products, or just outside of Florida to consider. There are even more things to consider when you’re flying. Here’s your list to keeping your skin youthful, clear, and health when you’re away for the holidays.


It might seem like a relief to finally get out of the Florida humidity, especially if acne is one of your biggest problem areas. Still, on the other end of the spectrum, cold weather is extremely dry. Skin can get crackly, red, and even a bit itchy. Freezing air can suck the moisture out of your epidermis like a sponge. You might even feel a burning sensation from it being so cold outside.

The obvious solution is to increase your levels of moisturizing during winter and travel.

However, you’ll also want to keep your showers briefer than usual. Although it may feel good at the moment, the hot water will actually evaporate quicker and suck the moisture right out of your skin.


You’re probably used to using sunblock year round. After all, we live in the Sunshine City…in the Sunshine State. Just because you’re going to a place that’s experiencing winter, not as in Florida “winter,” you’re still going to need to bring some of that SPF with you.

Why? Because of the snow.

When it comes to sunburn, we usually think of long days at the beach. One day, you’re showing off your new tan and the next you’re peeling like a lizard (yuck). If you’re up in the north, you shouldn’t let those grey skies fool you. Everyone knows that you still need to wear sunblock on cloudy days. What everyone forgets, is that snow actually reflects a great deal of light. This is what causes skiers to get a “goggle-tan.”

The 3-1-1 Rule

Getting through airport security is tedious enough. Don’t be that person who holds everyone else up in line. Take your shoes off, remove your belt, and remember the 3-1-1 rule. You don’t want to throw down for some quality skin care products to only leave them at the airport.

Basically, the maximum amount of liquid you can carry per container is 3.4 oz. All of your containers have to fit into 1 plastic, clear, ziplock bag. Plus, there’s only 1 bag per person allowed.

Staying Prepared

Skincare is about routine. Vacation is about breaking away from the norm. Although seemingly opposite, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. All it takes is just a bit of planning ahead. Plus, dermologica, the line that we carry at Skin Deep makes travel sized versions of their products. You can have the same quality skin care no matter where you go. Stop by Skin Deep today for a consultation and we can match you with the right routine to match your needs.